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Klipsch KG5 Speaker's


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Hello and I have received a pair of Klipsch KG5 Tower speakers.

Both are in great condition and sound great. I would like to know more about them and if anyone has information on them I would greatly appreciate it.

Also what is there value?

They are black and the grill covers are great and overall the haven't been abused.

I appreciate what you all can tell me.


This is my first post but I am very much interested in stereo equipment and have bought and sold it for year's. . . These speakers are main one's I listen to.

Again thanks for your time on this.

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welcome to the forum,  can you post pics of the speakers or at least the tags on the back?  there is no kg5 model, its either a kg5.2 or 5.5. 


in general the KG line are very good & one of the better values on the used market.  i have owned a few pair of the kg5.5 with dual 10" woofers, they have very good bass & will play as loud as you can tolerate & will sound good on normal receivers of 80-100 watts per channel & even better on separate components with higher power. you can update/upgrade them with crites titanium tweeter diaphrams for about $60 & many people will recommend updating the capacitors in the crossovers... what brand to use is debatable but any decent quality budget poly cap will usuallly improve the sound over the 25+ year old originals.  but if they sound good to you as is they are probably ok to leave alone. 

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