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Klipsch RF3 II and RC3 II Speakers


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I have a pair of RF3 II’s and an RC3 II center speaker for sale. These have been owned by my in-laws since 2003. They are in good condition. I noticed one broken grill before on one of the floorstanders and the copper on one of the emblems has rubbed off. I would keep them if I had a place to set them up. Willing to ship.
RF3 $300 OBO
RC3 SOLDc8b604fba66896bf4bfc33e0f9512668.jpg
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21 minutes ago, Iteachstem said:

I know this is an odd request, but would you be willing to sell the oval emblem from the one grill?  (Then, at least they would both match!!)

Have you checked *ahem* ebay? Seems the badges on the RF line of that generation get lost. 

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3 hours ago, CWOReilly said:

Have you checked *ahem* ebay?

I do occasionally.... but the one set that was on there a while back was waaaaaaaay over priced.  I just checked now and didn't see one.

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1 hour ago, japosey said:

What's weird is the emblem still is there.  It's just the copper that has been rubbed/removed from it.  

It's a two piece badge.... the plastic base with the 2 spikes that go through the grill... and then the thin cooper piece is glued on top.  And we all know klipsch and their luck with glue!

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