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Identifying my Heresy's


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Hi All,

I am now the proud owner of my fathers Klipsch Heresy speakers, which i love since i heard all my music over them in the late 70s.

And i still love them for their superduper sound!


I just compared this ~30 year old pair with a pair of new "Wharfedale Linton", but sorry, dear british dudes, no way ...


A very audiophile friend recommended me a highend tubeamp (Fonel Emotion Class A 2 x ~29W model, see http://6moons.com/audioreviews/fonel3/fonel_2.html) but this has proven a real mismatch!


Although the openness and detailed richness of how the instruments get separated spatially &  the 'airy' sound representation - excellent for Brain Eno's Ambient work, for all other purposes - that is stuff like Frank Zappa, Rolling Stones, Roxy Music, this combination is a catastrophe....


But plugging my dad's stoneold "Telefunken 9241 digital" (https://www.radiomuseum.org/r/saba_receiver_9241_digital.html) to the Klipsch, results in the right punch,  a powerful dynamic duo (though no 'ligthness' and 'airy' feeling any longer) , besides that old brick gets hot and begins to smell when playing good old rock with decent intensity,   


So i  probably will get a Yamaha 701 amp  (to stay on the budget side of life)....




my question is:

- My beloved Klipsch are tagged with "HWB" / Serial# "74T853". So which year are they from and are they Gen I or II?




How do the Heresy's compare sound wise in the line of Gen I / II / III / IV?

Can any statement be made about a general progress "in sound"  or is there a continuity and such judgement  again is an individual taste thing?

Thank you in advance.




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Just breaking in a new Luxman SQ-N150 tube amplifier with a year old pair of Heresy IV's. I have to say I'm am really enjoying this amp/speaker combination. Tonight after work relaxing with a cold Longboard Lager, a couple Delta8 puffs and my feet up  i listened to: Desperado, The Soundtrack SideA followed by Dire Straits first album then this 2020 single. The guitars and vocals sound amazing. First time listening to her.


Enjoy the music!

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10 hours ago, karlti said:

- My beloved Klipsch are tagged with "HWB" / Serial# "74T853". So which year are they from and are they Gen I or II


so these are 42 years old ---and they sound amazing ---the mids driver k55V is still used in the Khorn and the Lascala ------K77 tweeter was used in the Lascala and Khorn up until 2020----enjoy -

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Welcome to this forum! Concerning that old Telefunken, You´re right, maybe somethings going on and it needs replacing or refurbishment (have You thought about that?). But more often than not it´s just dust; 40 years worth of dust, collecting on parts that heat up, like heatsinks ect., and that will give you that certain smell. If You want, just take of the cover off and give the entrails a good blast of canned air and clean out.

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Hi Andre,
yeah, i dusted off that old box, but it still smelled.
Now, it even stopped outputting anything to the speakers...

I think, its  time for a new amp....  

Still looking around for such gear.


i see Schiit's Ragnorok 2, or Yamaha A-S701, Marantz PM8006 on the other side....

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6 hours ago, karlti said:

Yamaha A-S701, Marantz PM8006

At my workdesk, my KG1.5 play very well with a A S 201, in my living room a Marantz SR6008 powers my Heresy 1 and RF3, also a good combo, i think. At some point i might get a A S 1000 just for stereo.

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