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70th Anniversary Grille Part #/Supplier and Custom Emblem work for a RC64-III

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Hi Guys,


I have the opportunity to purchase a custom RC64-III from Klipsch made to order in matching Australian Walnut veneer for my KHorn and Heresy 70th speakers as an aesthetic match is extremely important for me equally as it is sonically for tone/timbre. The RC64 would be a nice step up from the Heresy as a center, and it has a compression driver a lot more like something out of the Heritage line so I anticipate it to work really well as the Heresy does between my KHorns for movie dialog and 3-ch music listening with the PWK mini box.


Sadly, due to furniture/media cabinet setup a Heresy or RC64 is the biggest I can do for my center channel; otherwise I'd have gotten the La Scala II 70th or Cornwall 70ths when I had the chance to do so.


I am going to pursue this "Plan B" option as adding an RC64 and moving my existing Heresy center to the back, and moving my center rear to the opposing corner would give me 5.2 and would at least still be an upgrade from wide dispersion mono surround to traditional stereo surrounds.


Anyhow sadly Klipsch says via the excellent Heritage dealer I am dealing with and was recommended to that they are unable to get custom grilles for my custom order nor any custom badge, just the Aussie Walnut veneer. I was hoping to also have the 70th anniversary grilles on it, in addition to a custom script "RC64" badge or a "Klipsch" script one so they'd look like they are part of the set in my system. They said it would be the plain black grille as-is from China.


I also asked (via my dealer) if they would be able to paint the orange woofers black as they'd see thru the grille and I don't care for those orange woofers at all and would be a bit of an eye sore when I do see them during certain lighting conditions. It would likely bug me a bit, at least during the day.


I'm 90% of the way there being able to order this in a matching veneer. But was wondering if anyone here knows what is the exact 70th anniversary grille part number and from which supplier and/or if anyone knows if someone could make a custom emblem for me for this? I would happily pay a member here whatever the cost is or be recommended to someone that would do this kind of aftermarket custom work. Seems many here are extremely handy with carpentry and this type of thing. It would effectively be a 70th Anniversary Grille for an RC64 III speaker, and a fitting script "RC64" or "Klipsch" emblem would be great on the bottom just like the other 4 of my speakers.


I didn't ask yet why they told my dealer black grilles would be a bad idea on an RC64 but seeing how many of you guys do all kinds of painting/restoration work, would be curious to know your thoughts. If the orange won't peak thru with a 70th grille I'd be okay with it I suppose, or if painting them would be possible, and if so do you know who would be up to a job like that?


Any suggestions/recommendations would be great. I'm going to order them as the main part is the finish, so best to get them while I can and worry about finding an aftermarket solution to this to finish off the exact aesthetic match I want, and not a semi-match.


Really appreciate the help in advance!!!






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Klipsch usually get their grilles fabric from  Wendell Fabrics-- contact them to see if they have some of this 70'th fabric leftover -




-----1 guy makes a copy of the klipsch script badge in Russia  with aluminium --------he can do the lettering using the klipsch script --



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Posted (edited)
35 minutes ago, RandyH000 said:



Klipsch usually get their grilles fabric from  Wendell Fabrics -you would have to contact them to see if they have some of this fabric , leftover , because making it from scratch would require a huge order-


Phone: 864.839.6341       

email: jlewson@wendellfabrics.com


-----for a  script badge , only 1 guy makes a copy of the klipsch script badge in Russia  with aluminium --------he can modify the lettering using the same script ------but you would have to reach out -- he can do it   100% 




Thanks Randy! Was hoping  you'd respond. I'll reach out to them and see what they say, I recall someone posting a link to an exact part number to a site that had a picture and it was literally the exact 70th anniversary metal mesh grille cloth. Might have been Wendell, as from memory the site looks similar but could be wrong.


As for the badge, wow those looks fantastic! Who knew! I will definitely reach out to him as well.


Very much appreciated.


53 minutes ago, wuzzzer said:

I can say one thing:  If you're using a Heresy as a center with Khorns nothing from the Reference series will be "a nice step up"


I am indeed, Heresy III 70th. The RC64 III is a larger speaker than the Heresy III is, granted it's really a 2 way but uses a legit compression driver in that speaker unlike the lower RP models, it's far more similar to heritage compression drivers in design. At the moment the Heresy III keeps up perfectly fine now with my KHorns now and sounds excellent, but I'd imagine output capability wise the RC64 III certainly must be able to move a bit more air then a Heresy can? Both have similar frequency response/range capability as well. Room, source, amplification and other factors are also pretty key to sound as well. Have you specifically demoed an RC64 III against a Heresy III or just going off memory from different models in different listening environments? Or have you had an RC64 III yourself? Just curious.


If the 64 III is a 5% reduction in performance I'd be okay with that as I think that would be largely be offset by center placement being closer to my screen (upgrade); I'd put my TV on top of it with rubber feet to protect the veneer. I just think gaining an additional surround in the process for movie watching is a clear cut improvement even if at best the 64III is a side-step in performance for my center. It would also be slightly recessed and horizontally even with my KHorns making off axis viewing better. My Heresy is about 1.5-2" forward of my KHorns and on the floor, but the tilt and time alignment in the pre-pro offsets that in the main listening position completely.


If they are a clear downgrade in my system after at least 150-200 hours on them I will just sell it, not gonna keep something I don't like. Don't see the harm in trying.

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20 minutes ago, sixspeed said:


Thanks Randy! Was hoping  you'd respond. I'll reach out to them and see what they say, I recall someone posting a link to an exact part number to a site that had a picture and it was literally the exact 70th anniversary metal mesh grille cloth. Might have been Wendell, as from memory

I just picked up this thread ,  and it may not be Wendell  Fabrics after all although  Wendell has always been the manufacturer for the  klipsch Heritage fabric ---could be this is the exception  -the thread , shows 2 fabrics which are no longer manufactured ----but again , you do not need much -------so it cant hurt to ask


--P9000 and P2000-




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Wow, that is literally the exact one. The KHorn might be the P9000 and the Heresy the P2000, as the KHorn has a slight faded browse/silver. My Heresys look just like the P2000 one, all silver. Either would be great.


I'll reach out tomorrow and ask on those, and yup, only need enough for the face of the 64.


Thanks so much.


Will update when I hear back.

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  • 1 month later...

BTW just as an update as promised.


I was able to acquire this grille fabric. The Acoustone grille fabrics, including the P9000 model is made by Newcastle Fabrics and they have it. They sell it by the cubic yard. I received it a few weeks ago. And ordered a decent amount to be able to use and make for any large size heritage speaker.


Ordering was all via email and they took a couple weeks in between responses but it all worked out and is identical to the 70th Anniversary Grille. They themselves confirmed it to me via email that they are indeed the original manufacturer of the 70th anniversary grille fabric.


I should also be receiving the custom RC64 script badges I had made sometime next month as well by the gentlemen that Randy recommended in Russia. We worked together on the exact design and sketch. Also had him make me a script "Klipsch" one but without the "orn" in it as well.


Looking forward to getting the Australian Walnut RC-64 III I ordered from Paducah HT. Ended up ordering an extra stock grille to have the one black one as back up. Will use the framing of the stock grille to put the P9000 grille fabric over it and emblem. Which goes to my final question.


What is the best adhesive/glue to use for grille fabric installation? On the Heritage models and Anniversary speakers with the metal mesh grille, you can see how around the back edges where they fold the grille and glue over it. It reminds me of the epoxy used in carbon composite material layers construction. Does anyone know the best epoxy/glue for this application? Or is there a specific one I should use for this?



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I made my own center and used tbe 70th Anniversary fabric.  It's actually a bit bigger than an RC-64.  My grille is made of 1/4" plywood and I used 1/8 staples to wrap it.  I then followed with a heat gun and the fabric shrunk down nicely to make it really tight.




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That is so cool! I was surprised to learn ironically someone had the RC64 III made in Australian Walnut a couple years ago, a dealer actually ironically to be a matching center between 70th KHorns like I have.


But seeing how awesome that turned out really gives me high hopes!


Awesome job :)

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