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Weird digital output issues with the Sixes?


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I got a pair of Sixes recently. For the most part, they work well. Bluetooth and USB work fine with my laptop, phono is fine with my turntable. (Haven't checked aux yet, but will at some point)


The problem I run into is with the digital output, i.e. the optical cable. It connects to my TV directly (a Samsung UN40RU7100F). For stuff on the TV itself, I get no sound whatsoever. When I use my consoles (a Nintendo Switch and Wii U), it plays...okay. But if I'm in a menu or something that doesn't have, say, music (like the Switch UI menu), the signal suddenly drops and there is no sound. It returns to normal when sound is expected.


Has anyone else had this issue? Is it possible it's the speakers or the optical cable? Want to rule those out before assuming it's the TV.

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