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Tubecube 7


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Mine: Tubecube > Cornwalls. / Sovtek EL84M's and a Sovtek 12AX7LPS. (spoiler alert: 2 thumbs up)


My previous (and first) tube amp was a Japanese SEP manufactured in the 1960's (6BM8 power tubes--alternating between Matsushita and Sovtek; 2 12ax7's; 1 Sylvania 6x4 rectifier). This had been my best amp for 2 channel music; the separation, depth of sound-stage was noticeably better than my SS amps... One day, I bought the Tubecube on a whim... and powering it up for the first time, I was struck by improved bass in the first few seconds of the first track. No hyperbole--I wasn't "blown away" or anything like that... but, immediately and without any hesitation I could sense this little amp was the clear winner of the two amps. It was obvious. Time passed, and I sold the Japanese amp... .


So, for anyone wanting to try tubes for the first time, or those on a budget... I can think of no reservations. The previous post @AndreG. about combining a TubeCube with a Schiit pre sounds like a great idea (room-correction? why, yes, thank you!).


[Re: power - even on rare occasions when I've got it playing loud--the volume pot is not over 50%; for normal listening it stays between 15–30%. If you need to be heard through hearing protection at the Canadian lumberjack nationals, obviously, this isn't the amp; but if you're playing music at home with anything Heritage--I would not expect power issues of any kind. Added bonus: for owners of 4 ohm Heritage... we've got 4, 6 and 8 ohm taps.]


I'm pressing myself to come up with some negatives... Here's a big one: Its made in China. Can't think of anything else. I wonder what Schiit would need to charge to make their own version of this? The original design is from England, if I recall; MiniwattN2, or something?. I would easily pay much more for one of these, if made here in the U.S--or, somewhere in Europe. But it isn't.



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I am seriously considering the Elekit for the future. I like kits and it´s more affordable here in Europe. I would really like to try the Tubecube, alas...

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