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side surrounds with atmos


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so im moving and plan on having a dedicated room for movies room is 20x14x9 i have sr6013 rp280f rp450c now my problem is i saw some r 14s surrounds and r 41m books shelf speakers on sale so i bought them i also have some in ceiling speakers for atmos my question is should i sell the r 14s and r 41m and get matching rp speakers to match lcr and also im told that for atmos stay with monopole for sides and rears not bipole or dipole just looking for some help

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1 minute ago, billybob said:

If you want to...

44 minutes ago, charlie1981 said:

so sell the r 14s and r 41m and get to rp bookshelf for side and surround then right

If you want to, get more opinions here first.

Maybe they will not be too shy.

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Ditch the R14S and use a monopole.  Since you bought some R41Ms, get another set to finish off the side and rear.  If timber match is a concern, watch something with the 41Ms you have  on the side and see if it is an issue.  I have RP8000s and a RP504C. I once used R51Ms and R15Ms for side and rear.  It was fine.

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i think timbre matching is truly only a concern for LCR -- i matched my front and rears.    RF7ii for L/R   and RF7ii for L/R rear.   then i added R5800w into the side columns and CDT5800 for ceiling.... i can't tell during movies which is the  8" driver and which is the RF7 with dual 10's..... the rear's matching the front is WAY overkill.   it's quite a statement when you walk into theater - so that's worth something.  but timbre matching - i think is best left to LCR.    if i did it over again - i'd use a wall mounted  or  in-wall for my rears,  like another set of  R5800w.  

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