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HK730 - Intermittent Channel Needs Home $50 OBO


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The HK 730 is one of the great receivers of the 1970's.  Dual power (40W/chan), great sound.  Unfortunately, this one has an intermittent channel and one panel light is out.  Cosmetically, it's in excellent shape and has all controls intact.  I planned to restore it, but haven't gotten around to it.  Now that I'm selling my house, it's got to go...hopefully to someone who will restore it an appreciate it.  It is available for pick up in the Boston area.  IMG_2104.thumb.jpg.7ed381a2c06e2bd3fd6c038376379757.jpg



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I am happy to report that after a nice Sunday drive to Boston area this 730 is now in Maine at its new home - will start to work to repair/restore to its working glory!! Thanks to John! 

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Also thrilled to report that almost an entire can of DeOxit spray was used and the input selector knob finally was moving and moving well and alas - both channels work and sound amazing! a couple of the switches were quite dirty too - one of the speaker selector switches spring wasn't clicking,  a little cleaning to do and a light to replace at some point but for now just enjoying it... thanks everyone! 

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