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Label glyphs not codified


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My consecutive Cornwall labels appear to have matching inscriptions of “31” after the large Cornwall script and an “E” above the Type script.    The CBR and 27W190

is fairly standard. 



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Forgot pics
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They look like the same pen used and contemporary to when new.  Googles “Deciphering Klipsch labels”. Nothing showed marks where these Cornwalls are labelled or any Klipsch for that matter.   

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"31" indicates the 31st pair of the day.  This was a check to insure pairs stayed together.  The "E" stands for Eminince, the woofer manufacturer (K-33-E).  Alternatively it could have been "B" for CTS of Brownsville, TX (K-33-B).  Both suppliers were used interchangeably for several years.

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