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Wanted: RP-600M or similar bookshelf set


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Looking to build my first hi-fi set-up and knew that Klipsch was the way to go.


I live in a small NYC apartment so a bookshelf pair makes the most sense. I was looking to buy some RP-600M new, but thought I'd check here first to see if anyone is trying to offload.


Any tips / recommendations are appreciated as well!



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Thanks - would love some Heresy's but I'm in a tiny railroad with an 8ft wide living room (at most), so smaller footprint may be the way to go. Think I'll pick u the RP-600M from Klipsch. Also looking to build/buy a vintage tube amp - been looking at the Transcendent Sound SOB OTL.

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46 minutes ago, condensedflesh95 said:

Picked these up! Thank you!

Great choice on the 600M.  I have a pair as well.  They sound unbelievable with a ten inch sub, much bigger sound at low listening levels.


The 600M is rated at 100 wpc.  I use a 100 wpc mini amp for use with my computer and it will work just as good with TV.  Although I'm sure this amp doesn't produce anywhere near 100 watts per side it offers a lot of connectivity options and has a built-in DAC.




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