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Did anyone reconed K33? Cone surround treatment.

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For a long time I had 2 square magnet K33 laying in boxes. One is fine. The other had strange measurements, was lacking low frequencies when mounted in La Scala.  On closer examination it accrued that cone surround is "untreated", just clean fabrics that leaks air. To me looks like someone did recone but kind of wrong way. Cone part number seems to be same for both  451520-2, although one is R-451520-2 (R recone?).


So question is if anyone knows if surround needs to be somehow treated/sealed on recone operation?

Or maybe replacement cone should be "factory" treated and someone did something relay wrong with it?

If possible I would like to fix that driver.


First pic is faulty driver. Second one is working fine. You can clearly see treatment on second one. It glow slightly.







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