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Joe Carter

Murphy's Oil Soap on Heresy IVs

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I've only ever used Murphy's Oil Soap to actually clean a wood finish that was dirty.  For example, I recently acquired a pair of Icon WB-14 which have a multi-layer lacquer finish.  The speakers were quite filthy when I got them.  From the looks of them you'd think the seller intentionally tried to cover every square inch of the veneer with greasy fingerprints.  I used the spray version of Murphy's Oil Soap sprayed onto a soft cloth to get off the greasy fingerprints.  When I was done with that I noticed the Murphy's had left a residue on the finish even though the bottle claimed no rinsing was required.  So, I followed up with a wipe down with a dampened soft cloth to remove the residue and a drying with a second soft cloth.  Now they look great.  So, I wouldn't recommend using Murphy's Oil Soap unless you actually need to clean something off.  Klipsch's care instructions for lacquer finished are just occasional dusting.

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