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Broken horn. Ever seen this happen? KLF 30.

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I had the right timing today at the thrift store. They just put out a set of KLF 30 on the floor. But when I pulled the grills there was no driver in the mid range of one of them. They handed me a screwdriver to pull a woofer and the mid range was laying the bottom of the cabinet still connected, which is better than missing. Betting it was a moving accident.


It's been a month of Klipsch. Found the Chorus II, then last week I found some KG1 for $60. Today, these. Haven't tried them out yet. 


IMG_5156 (Medium).JPG

IMG_5157 (Medium).JPG

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16 minutes ago, tickertape said:

Betting it was a moving accident.



I would bet your bet is correct. :lol: Dropped or something similar to cause the weight of the magnet to break off the horn. 

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I'm not surprised. And with the weight of the magnet hanging off the back...

A replacement horn body is needed.

Until then, something to suspend the weight of the magnet would be helpful, after gluing and even a banding clamp around the outside...

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Ok. Good thinking. This weekend I'll power them up to make sure them work.

I think I'm going to screw through the ring too, the top side for certain. If I can find a tight fitting sleeve to slide over the ring, that'd be great.

Customer Service is so far behind right now I'm sure it'll take a few months to get a part.

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Just use some kind of epoxy to hold the two pieces together.  Then, go get a fiberglass repair kit where it comes with the fiberglass matting, the resin and activator.  Watch a video on how to do fiberglass repair.  It'll never come undone again in that spot.


Something like this....






Also check with auto parts stores, Lowes, HD, Ace Hardware, any boating supply shop, etc.  Lots of places stock this.


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