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Should I get a PL 3 or PL 5 first? If I can only buy one of them right now?


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Hello all, 


The upcoming year I can probably only upgrade my Pre amp or my Power amp. I'm hoping if someone can advice me on which I should do first to get the best improvement. I of course would like to buy them both right away (it is burning :P ), but I'm also investing in upgrading my speakers.  

Currently I have a Lehman Black Cube Statement Pre amp with a Marantz 2235 Power amp to drive my Quartet speakers (My recordplayer is a Thorens 160 S MK V).

Next month I'm hoping to upgrade either my Pre amp with a (secondhand) PrimaLuna 3 or my Power amp with a Primaluna 5.

Can anyone recommend which I should replace first? The Lehmann or the Marantz? 
My third option would be to buy a secondhand PrimaLuna 2 integrated and sell it when I have money to get the 3 and 5 together. 

Does anyone have a suggestion? I'm very excited to go back to tubes again, because currently I listen to my records a lot.


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go for the Primaluna 2 Integrated -- the PL integrated amps are fantastic - I am another delighted PL customer - playing my EVO 400 right now -- it sounds spectacular to me in my space - I will never go back to SS or hybrid - everyone I know that has a PL loves it


Playing my vinyl on my Technics 12oo mk11 with the Denon DL -110 MC cartridge thru my Puffin preamp is awesome!!!

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