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T/S parameters for K-33

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The following information came from www.klipschcorner.com, which I think is gone now.


The information on that site came from Jim Hunter and the historical archives which he maintains.


In January 1968, the K-33-P (CTS Paducah KY) was adopted.


In 1975, Klipsch transitioned to the K-33-B (CTS Brownsville TX)


From 1975-1979, the K-33-E (Eminence), and the K-33-B (Brownsville) were used interchangeably.


Here's a good way to compare (Crites woofer included). 


CW1526c (Crites Woofer, Cast)
K-33-E/B (Klipsch Square Magnet)
K-33-E (Klipsch Round Magnet)
Fs = 26.3Hz
Fs = 27.0Hz
Fs = 34.46Hz
Re = 3.36 ohms
Re = 3.5 ohms
Re = 3.39 ohms

Vas = 506.3 Liters
Vas = 343 liters
Vas = 301.7 liters
BL = 12.49
BL = 9.8 T*m
BL = 11.93 Tm
Qms = 9.93
Qms = 8.5
Qms = 7.39

Qes = 0.27
Qes = 0.68
Qes = 0.41
Qts = 0.26
Qts = 0.633
Qts = 0.388

Mms = 75.5 g
Mms = 106 g
Mms = 79.47 g
Xmax = 7.15 mm
Xmax = 6.67 mm
Xmax = 8.2 mm
Cms = 0.486 mm/N
Cms = 0.305 mm/N
Cms = 0.268 mm/N
Sd = 890 cm² (13.5" diameter)
Sd = 889.6 sq.cm
I was told Klipsch stayed with the K-33-E with the higher Fs because they made a change in the back chamber to accommodate it. By the time Eminence got the round magnet version to work right with the original, lower Fs -- Klipsch no longer needed it since they had dealt with the problem on their end, and weren't interested in reverting back.
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Deang- Just curious, do they list the parameter for the K-43? If so, could you please post it here. THe guy I bought my cornwalls from replaced the K-33's with K-43's and I'm trying to figure out the difference between the two. THanks, bob

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