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Top flight multichannel amplifiers (or old 2 channel Macs?) for Cornwalls (and other home theater component considerations)

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Just thought I would bump this to let you know that the subject and replies did NOT go unanswered or unheeded - the winner is 




for the new front end, and it is GLORIOUS. Went with the MX151 (thanks to USNRET) and a brand new MC255 (5x200 with the new thermal track transistors) and OH MY is it EVER a hit. The idea was to upgrade the system in a manner what would have it set for the next 25 years and aside from sources the system core of amp and speakers ae now ready for "The Duration". 


After a solid 100 hours on the kit after install it reveals every day more of why I know I made the right choice - the control of the speaker, the high frequency extension (not rolled off in any fashion - just a superb "finish"/decay), the commanding authority that one would expect such a big beast to impart.


So the inquiry DID result in a raging success, despite the rime taken to build it all out/install/evaluate etc etc etc....it's very cool to have a system for which such a restoration had been envisioned/planned and to actually see that come to fruition is a real notable step here in my "audio life" as it is what I envisioned as an 
end game" sort of rig that I can enjoy (albeit changes in sources as is the norm) until I pass.


ALL of the suggestions and advices are appreciated.

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