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Any tractrix horns that a K-55V could bolt on to?


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As jjptkd said, this is absolutely possible by using adapters.  Though it was not a tractrix horn, I have swapped out the k400 horn, while continuing to use the K-55v.  See this thread:


   Initial impressions were good.  However, the problem with this approach, which you will see in the thread, is that the K-400 (and k-500, k-700 presumably) was very carefully designed to work with the k-55v.  PWK used the "pattern flip" effect that results from the loss of directivity that the K-400 experiences to complement the natural frequency response of the k-55v.  They are engineered so that the directivity loss occurs right around the point that the frequency response of the k-55v starts to drop.  This keeps the on-axis frequency response relatively flat.  If you put the K-55v on another horn that does not have this property, it will require EQ.

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