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Is online dating dead?


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Well you've come to the right place. The Klipsch forum is THE authority when it comes to online dating.

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2 hours ago, kellypea said:

Do you think there are some really good online dating apps or services in 2021 where you can find a soulmate? Looks like all services I tried are just junk...


For germaphobes

which there are now 100 million  in the US

On line everything is perfect


For me, a 2 dimensional canned or posed representation of anything is not the same as in your face analog anything.


I have read that most people meet or should I say met at work

which is now called sexual harassment and unwelcome advances


Church socials with a doughnut after the mass, was the place to meet in the old days.


Another front in the divide and conquer warfare resulting in Atomization, the goal.


I would ask the girls if they have a girlfriend you can meet

I had some winners and a few lemons,


Life Goes On

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I met my wife online... four years later we married. That was in 2010. Still together and getting used to each other, but it's been good.


You have to be honest with each other. That's hard for a lot of people. You can easily miss a lot of subtle clues by only seeing/meeting each other online.

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1 hour ago, DizRotus said:

If you’re lucky enough to find your soulmate here, she/he will need to be re-capped and/or re-coned.


Just refurb the cabinet with some new veneer.

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