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Let's talk gaskets!


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In my Heresy II refurbishing project, I would like to replace the gaskets that go between each driver and the motor board as well as the gasket that goes between the speaker input/crossover assemblies and the back openings.  I asked the fellow I spoke with at Crites Speakers if they carried those, and he said they didn't and he wasn't aware of anyone who does.  He suggests forming new gaskets from from weather stripping material, while a friend suggest doing that from a gasket kit.  Sure enough, I don't see any on Simply Speakers.  Any suggestions?


Separately, someone on this Forum suggested in another post that I replace the gasket between the midrange drivers and their horns, whether or not I replace the diaphragms.  How about between the tweeter drivers and their horns?  Are those commercially available?


Those are all the gaskets I can think of.  Am I missing any?

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I bought tape like this one ( sorry, german amazon...):




I used it on the backpanels and i will use it to seal off the horns against the cabinets too.


For replacing the gaskets on the midrange, You will find instructions, as well as parts on Michael Crites site. I think, the tweeters and their respective horns are bolted together, no seal. You can replace the diaphragms, but not seperate horn and driver.

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1 hour ago, Bulkogi said:

Thanks, Andre, Mark and Dean!  That's amazing.  Will buy some . . . right . . . NOW! 😁

yep , it's the same foam gasket   that @CECAA850  had recommended  to prevent air leaks in  klipsch speakers -3/8 or 1/2 inch -




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21 hours ago, Deang said:

So you think the exit of the K-55 is the same size as the throat of the horn? Maybe that washer is a critical transition piece, lol.

Well we all could be wrong also.......but i could see the flat one when i looked into the horn so i figured it would be better NOT to stick into horn path. But why doesn't someone test it and see. I would bet its better not to stick into horn path. 

But much like Paul Thorns song.....''you could be wrong''  I could be wrong. lol

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From and old Bob post, in my notes.

Here are some measurements I took a couple of years ago. No doubt some of these may vary a bit because of manufacturing tolerances.

Rubber washer ID is 0.72 inch 
K-400 throat is 0.70 inch 
K-55V (push term) outlet is 0.85 inch 
K-55V (solder term) outlet is 0.80 inch 
K-55M outlet is 0.72 inch

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I miss some of the great old contributors that were in that thread Dean! Some of those posters don't log on anymore and some are no longer with us. I prefer that version of the forum to the current one!



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