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Carbon Steel Pan


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1 hour ago, jimjimbo said:


Oh no!  A foreign manufacture?  I thought you said US made were best?  Figures.

what do you for $12 ?


just open up your heart and your wallet wider...  And buy me the one 





it's only $230... And man up..


instead of being a bully hiding behind a screen...

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13 minutes ago, oldtimer said:

Yours was only $12?  Sweet.


From the link, 13 is a little big, 10 is a little small.  11 to 12 is just right.  But if push came to shove then 13 would have to be the one.

it was a 11 and the right angle or pitch for the handle...

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7 minutes ago, RandyH001 said:

I was very concerned about the homeless  in Seattle  , and the Men  Wowen-Children  who need our  help -


Which had absolutely nothing to do with this thread, of course.  And I'm sure you're making large donations to help those folks.

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Had a wok many years ago, can't remember where it went ?


Replaced it with a Discada 22", works great for frying or stir fry. Made stir fry in it a couple days ago, I have to use the large burner on the side of the smoker, the electric stove inside can't cut it.


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