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Tube pin straightener for 9 pin


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On 6/29/2021 at 10:50 AM, Coytee said:

I didn't know something like that/those existed!  

The old method was to use a ballpoint pen; take it apart and use the big empty section, put the pin through the hole where the ballpoint stuck out.

The tricky part is to not allow lateral pressure to the base of the pin where it enters to glass. That means you don't just push the pen body and bend the pin... you have to hold the pen body hole firmly and press the hole tip in the opposite direction from the pen body movement.

Like bending a wire to make a sharp angle with your fingers - if your left hand was holding the wire a foot from where you want to make the bend, you don't just grab the wire and pull with your right hand, you set your thumb at the bend location and push while pulling with your fingers... the hole in the pen body is like your thumb, it keeps the lateral pressure from translating to the base of the pin.

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