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Black Chorus II, Texarkana, TX, $900 Now with BONUS Marantz 2238B


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Since there wasn't much interest in these earlier, I have decided to sweeten the pot.  Now you can purchase these Chorus II's and I'll throw in a Marantz 2238B receiver for $900.  Now before you get too excited, the Marantz has some problems.  It does not sound good.  The bass is distorted and the volume seems weak.  The tuner appears to work fine and I played a cd through the auxilliary input.  That is when I really noticed the poor sound quality.  Cosmetically it is pretty nice but there is a dial light out, a crack in the tuning meter glass (not the dial glass) and a knob has been replaced with a black replacement.  The Marantz is not for sale separately from the speakers, package deal only.  I want to move the speakers to a new home.  Cash and carry in Texarkana.


Pair of black Chorus II speakers in good but not perfect condition.  Functionally they are fine. All drivers work as they should.  Had an amp fail a few years ago and it took out one of the woofers.  Purchased a NOS woofer, put it in and didn't worry about it again.  In the pictures you can see the woofers are 2 different colors.  I  think the original one is the lighter gray.  When the grills are on I can't tell a difference.  While I was replacing the woofer, I sent the crossovers to Crites for a rebuild.  The only other thing not original is the binding posts on one speakers have been replaced.  When I was moving these for pictures I failed to disconnect the wires, put the speaker on a dolly, turned and snapped it off.  Contacted Crites about a replacement and he did not have any.  Said he used a Parts Express unit but it had to be cut down a bit so that is what I did. The cabinets are black (obviously) and I would rate them 20210611_131216_copy_1224x1632.thumb.jpg.ef8757d5d80650915bca25fd15f44685.jpgabout 6.5/10. There is some flaking and scrapes and scratches in the finish.  The only real damage to the cabinet is a gouge on one of the edges toward the back.  About the width of a nickel. Grills are fine with no holes or snags.   Badges are in good shape.  I have owned these speakers for about 10 years and they have been fun.  Powered by a class A Threshold but never driven hard.  Price is $900 firm, cash, at pick up in Texarkana. Tx. 75503.  






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TTT. No love for these Chorus II?  The cabinets aren't THAT bad, I'm just conservative in my grading.  Would rather have someone pleasantly surprised rather than disappointed.  I wouldn't think it would be too expensive to veneer in the finish of your choice.

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