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Dang ticks....


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They seem to be really prolific this year.  I think I've had more on me since spring, compared to the last five years, combined.


Of course, living in the woods (think Ted Kozinski  :ph34r:) and spending a lot of time cleaning up some trees, cutting back others lends itself to them but geez.  I hope they are more prolific in taller grass as I've not yet cut the farm.  So if that's the case, it will give me great pleasure to give them a bad day when I mow over their terrain.  If they instead, do Kamakazi drops from the trees onto you then I'm done for.

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Kill em while they are young

Apparently the little ones travel on various rodents like chipmonks

and on birds which is surprising, I observe more birds less bugs

maybe they get into the nesting, I have seen some nasty nests overrun.

Egg layers travel on deer


Chickens keep the snakes away,

dogs with flea collars, keep the deer away



Tick Control Handbook



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Deer....don't make me laugh (and no, I wasn't calling you a Dear)


We've got herds of them.  I can take the dogs out at night and have 15 deer in the field just standing there looking at me, going back to grazing and ignore me while I'm in the field (probably within 50/75 feet of said deer).  I try to scare them away but.....I'm not terribly scary.


When I take the little dogs out, the little dogs are old and wobbly so they do their business and everyone gets along.  When I take the two big dogs out (one is a Great Pyrnees) the "little" one of the two is strong enough to pull you....  add in Buni, the Pyrnees and they can topple you and drag your hiney across the field while they go after the deer.  


I used to have them in hand with a large powerful flashlight.  Each leash is a handful and I'd try to hold them both in one hand.  Now I put a headband light on so I can have them one in each hand.  It's always "full battle on" when I take them out at night, because of those dang road hazards!!  (deer).  I'm always relieved when I go out and don't see them as that implies we'll have a nice, quiet walk while they do their business.  (then the rabbit in the field runs.....  )


I'm not into hunting personally, but wouldn't mind if someone came out with an Uzi and took out the deer population here.  They are 'Bambi" when you see one/three....  but herds of them in the field (or front yard) with large dogs can lead to complications.  Only good part about the dogs chasing them (which we don't like) is we live on a peninsula so there are only so many places the dogs can go before they hit water.

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He dips his Salvation Army socks into permethen.....  (or was that his vinyl?)


Speaking of deer....


Took the two big dogs out for walk earlier.  Decided to do a mid-walk verses short.  The Pyrnees was loose and I had other on leash.  Don't ask why, but by happenstance, I had an extra leash with me and I had them BOTH on Rufas.  


Walked out to apex and turned around.  Buni (Pyrnees) was loose and dawdled over by a tree.  Rufas I  kept going.  Suddenly, I heard a very gut wrenching sound.  I'd not heard it before.  I then saw a deer run into the field and that got me thinking.  I presumed the deer ran to the field to act as a decoy for its baby.....which is probably what I heard squeal. 


I heard the squeals over & over, the deer ran to the other side of the field, making me think I was right.  I'd been walking and stopped to see if I could see Buni (couldn't).  I then saw her run towards us and become  hidden by the landscape.....and suddenly it was still.  I was hoping/praying that she would NOT come over the crest of the hill with a baby deer in her mouth.  Rufas & I started to walk back.


The deer was laying on the ground and she was hovering over it.  This deer was very newborn (I think).  I'm guessing 15/20 pounds based on what I saw and comparing it to our small dog.  Buni was towering over it.  It took off and ran a distance, she chased.  I DID see her trip it up and again, it fell to the ground, staying still while she circled around.


I got up there, Rufas in one hand (on leash) Buni loose hovering over deer, as we got closer, Rufas tried to lunge at the baby deer.  NO doubt to me he would have killed it as fast as he could.  Pulled him to nearby tree & wrapped his leash around tree.  Meanwhile, the deer took off again with Buni in chase.  Went through the woods (with the fortunate second leash in hand) and again, Buni had cornered the deer and was towering over it.  I told her to sit down......and she stopped & rolled to her back.  This let me get up there, attach leash and view the baby deer.  It appeared to be non-molested.  I'm going to check later on to see if it's moved from that spot.


Being a herd/guard dog, I'm hoping her instincts were to corral the deer and/or protect it.  Rufas on the other hand....  saw Venison and wanted a smorgasbord.  He was denied. 

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4 minutes ago, geezin' said:

Guinea fowl. Great alarms and tick/flea control.




....and, I've read.....very loud.


Unfortunately around here, we get slob hunters.  I've been warned that they might use them as target practice.  As a side note, my wife's cousin (lives next door) built a cage for some and ordered a dozen or something like that (I never saw them)  BUT, their Alaskan Husky DID see them and killed them all.  


Come to think of it, one of our neighbors had some and I've not seen them either.

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