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Cheap chip amp and a sub with old Heresy speakers.


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I've been messing around with my budget sandbox system which is whatever I happen to throw at my '77 Heresies.
I had been running a Cambridge Audio AXA25 integrated and was pretty happy with that but I figured it was time for some more experimentation.

I saw a review over on the ASR forum for the Aiyima A07 class D amp and it intrigued me. I had always considered class D stuff to be inferior
but the newer chip amps by TI measure pretty good, I just wondered how they would sound.

Well Amazon days roll around and they have the A07 with a 32V PS for 64.00, how could my cheap heart resist and if it sucks I'll just return it.

Well it's a keeper, two words describe it clean and detailed. But its transparency seemed to reveal the Heresies lack of deep bass.

I then find out that the AUX input jack on the A07 can function as a sub-out jack as well, so this being my sandbox I'll bring in another toy just for grins and giggles.
I then "borrow" my little Martin Logan Dynamo 300 from my bedroom TV setup and hook that up. Holy Moly! after getting the sub "delicately dialed in" (I'm not a "bass-head") I settled in for a good listen.

Wow what an improvement over the Cambridge amp, possibly the best 63.99 I've ever spent. Class D amp and a sub with my Heresies was something I had never even considered before.
I never thought such a cheap little amp could sound this good. Now I got an Cambridge amp that will sit in the closet and I have to buy a new subwoofer for the bedroom.

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55 minutes ago, billybob said:

Too cool.. Is there a pop when you turn it on and off? If not, we can say...alright! How many wpc you reckon?


No pops. Actual wpc? Who knows? Between the PS variables and the BS numbers it could be anything. But it sounds strong when you crank it.

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