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The mighty Heresy II


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Boy does this little speaker reward with high end electronics and subwoofers.


In this system, they are fed by a Simaudio Moon 280D networked DAC streaming TIDAL via Roon, a Rogue Audio RP-5 tube preamp, and a Conrad Johnson MF2250 amplifier (120 wpc solid state), and supported by two REL T7 subwoofers.  The turntable is a VPI Scout with a Dynavector 20x2L.  For the nonce, they are standing in for the far costlier DeVORE Fidelity Super Nines and providing gobs of chest punching joy and delightful vocals and huge sound!  Yes, I'll go back to the Super Nines, but I'm in no real hurry to do so, as much as I love them.  These came from a system with an old NAD 740c receiver and Technics CD changer (my mom's), where they sounded quite good.  But they sure do reward with more goodness driving them.  


Disclaimer:  they do have new sonicap capacitors in the crossovers and I'm running them with the Crites titanium tweeter diaphragms (for now) as I described in a post under the Technical/Modifications forum.  So, they are modded somewhat.


Have your spoiled your Heresys lately?  If so, how have you pampered them?




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