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Favorite foods and or recipes!


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As a child my Mother cooked almost everything from scratch and was a good cook. We had a good size Library in our house and some days  when I didnt have learning  or sports to do and it was raining i would flip through some of her three hundred or more cook books. I was a veggie for almost two decades so i needed too really master cooking. Share some of your favorite  foods or recipes please!

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Here  is a simple dish i made for my Family  last night. Unconventional Fish and Chips! Haddock with a a cup of rice flour a half cup of corn starch a half cup of flour, 1 tablespoon of salt  3 tsp of black pepper, tbls of Paprika, two tsp of  chile powder. one dark beer  a little bit of 100 proof Vodka make a batter and let it sit, add cold water if its its too thick or more beer or Vodka. Dry off the fish and dredge in flour then into the batter . fried sliced chips with what I call "Canadian Ketchup" in Canada they often offer vinegar with their ketchup and French fries so i just mix the two. Tarter sauce with lemon, mayo, minced sweet Gerkins Capers and a few red pepper flake and a little sugar to taste.

                                                                                  Crunchy fish with great flavors!

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