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Center Channel to match RP-6000F


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Hello everyone;

I currently have a set of RP-6000F fronts and a SPL-120 subwoofer.  Is there a proper way to match a center channel speaker to this set?

Klipsch advertises this floor standing speakers along with the RP-600C.  Is it because the diameter of the drivers on the 600C matches the size on the RP-6000F?

Are there any guidelines?  My options include also the RP-404C and RP-504C.

I kind of like the idea of having 4 drivers instead of two.  Would the RP-404C sound a little "tiny" because of the 4 inch drivers?  Would the RP-504C be overkill?

For now I'm driving them with a Yamaha RX-V481 (only 95W per channel)

I'm more into music (jazz, opera among other things) but clear vocals are very important to me.


I'm kinda new at this and have a lot of questions. Will love to hear from you.



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Welcome to the forum.


My suggestion in order.

1. 504C

2. 600C

3. 404C


The reason I suggest the RP-600C over the RP404C is that I once had an RC-62 mated to my RF-63s and it did an admirable job keeping up.  Not the way it's eventual replacement RC-64 did but still a decent job.  I am just not a fan of 4" drivers as midrange/bass combo drivers.  Others may have different opinions.



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Thanks for your input Bill.

Just like you I think the 504C will do a better job on the mid range.

I also read that is a "2.5-way speaker" Inside mid-woofers play different frequencies than the outside mid-woofers.

"helps to diminish the "comb-filtering" - the 504C will provide a wider listening window ie: it will cover the full length of a room instead of the person in the middle."

Looks great on paper. My wife says I'm just building my case and justifying the expense. I told her she was right, right after placing the order online. 🙂


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3 hours ago, sabu said:

so another  RP-6000F will be better than RP-504C ? thought 6000F cannot be used as center speaker?


It only can't be used if you don't have space for it.  A third 6000 set upright, not horizontally, is the best center for 6000 main speakers.

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