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On 9/7/2021 at 12:10 PM, Dave A said:

You do know low intelligence is a prerequisit for most SLV crews, right? I have seen more total boneheaded stuf with pro gear than most could imagine.

Sure i am an idiot, will start with that. Wife says that looking over the KPT-904 setup I use for music.

With that said, in a prior life i worked for a pro sound reinforcement co out of chicago and we rented gear throughout the midwest for use by touring rock acts. Yes we blew stuff up on occasion but that was usually gear that was not specc'd right for the venue size or for the right usage. I also saw a fair amount of abuse done by the road crew because they didn't care or have to pay for it.


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Perhaps I have a slanted opinion of things but I have sure seen a lot of bone headed stuff done on the pro speakers I have bought. On the flip side I will be getting a pair of KPT-456's soon well maintained by a touring equipment renting company that did care. On the whole my experience has not been good with SLV handled crews and yes roadies are a part of that group.

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