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Heresy Speakers How Much Power

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Might want to check into some of this gear if you're buying new.  A few of us run the Mani for a phono pre-amp.  Others in here run some of their other gear and seem satisfied with the results.  Think there are a few threads in here on that.  Solid State, built in the USA, nice clean look, priced right and they sound good.   https://www.schiit.com/    I'm sure there are some Youtube videos out there.  They make some good Schiit! 

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Running my lll's with a Cayin MT34 with 2x32 watts in a larger room and the volume knob does not go over 1/3rd and they easily fill the room. For the lows I am using a super small B&W 608 sub in a decent way so I do not realize a sub is there and running. Works perfect! I know it is not the subject here but I read about a sub can take away the magic of the Hereseys but thats totally not the fact with the experience I made. It makes them complete in every way. Btw the Cayin is dead quiet, even no plop or whatever when turning on.

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I used in the past various amps: tubes (300b, EL34, 845) and solide state. Sometimes, for some kind of music, was better an amp, some others time another one.


Nowadays I run my Heresy's III with a McIntosh MA5200 (100wpc) and, in my opinion, I reached a perfect balance: warm sound, clearness and, when needed, very dirty ROCK! 😎

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How much power is needed to run these speakers for the most part?  What about Heresy II's and III's can the same amount of power be used?

Klipsch are some of the most efficient speakers in the world. They’ll get plenty loud with a handful of watts. 100 watts continuous and 500 watts peaks. You’ll be fine with any quality amplification.

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