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Looking for LaScalas in Michigan -- awesome trade opportunity


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I know this is a long-shot, but I'm looking for someone who might be interested in making a trade for their pair of LaScalas.


I'm looking to possibly trade my mint-condition Pioneer PL-90 Elite turntable for a very good condition pair of LaScalas. If you're familiar with this table, you know it's extremely hard to come by, and pretty near impossible to find one in mint condition in the original box (the seller I bought it from had searched for one for more than a decade before finally landing this one). This is an absolutely stunning turntable in both appearance and performance. Not a scratch on it and functionally perfect. 


If that doesn't float your boat, I would also consider trading my limited edition Forte IIIs (maybe you need similar performance from a slightly smaller speaker?). They are finished in California Walnut, which was used on only a limited number of pairs. These are superb speakers that I really have no business parting with, but I'm in that "I want to try something new" stage that has me itching for LaScalas, which I've never owned. 


I have several other pieces too: Empire 398 turntable in exceptional condition; Eico HF85 tube preamp (fully restored and a fantastic-sounding pre); Peachtree Nova 150 amp.


If any of these appeal to you, let me know what you have in mind. If not, thanks for reading and happy listening.








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12 hours ago, jimjimbo said:

Trades are difficult, but not impossible.....perhaps you should think about outright sale of your items and save up your pennies.....the market is crazy expensive right now.....

Yeah, I know it's a long shot. I'm trying this route vs selling my stuff because I really love the pieces I'm considering trading and don't want to risk selling and then not finding what I want (or not finding it quickly).

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