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Kids these days


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57 minutes ago, Thaddeus Smith said:

every kid should grow up on a farm. i wish i had. so now we're making up for lost time..

There are parts of this sentiment I agree with although my dad was the last generation of our family who did so and he'd probably disagree because it was someone else's farm he had to work and had stories to discourage us from doing so. I had friends who did farm work in Highschool and they hated it but did get a paycheck.


38 minutes ago, The Dude said:

There's definitely alot to learn, not saying they need to grow up, but experience for sure.

Yep. Then again, there's alot to be said to encourage many different life/job opportunities for kids to experience. One of my favorite families have their children growing up on a farm and they seem to enjoy their jobs/chores very much and we get farm fresh eggs every week. Win/Win!

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They've had to learn about life and death early on, respect for the natural world, work ethic, and consequences for skipping responsibility.


They've seen the byproduct of hard work and tasted food fresh from our soil.


They've had to care for animals and either watch them be sold for someone else to enjoy or helped butcher and eat the animal themselves.


They have immense freedom and roam the pasture and woods often. Many mornings they'll wake up before us and just go hang out with the goats and other livestock. They know how to use a staff twice their height and get animals from the pasture to the barn.


They're 7 and 9.


There's also studies which show possible immune system boosts and reduction of risk for asthma by being in and around barns and livestock, etc. (And they were breastfed till just after 1yr).


This didn't happen by chance, however. My wife and I lived in the suburbs and consciously decided to move out here and have this environment for our kids to grow up in and it's taken a great deal of effort and sacrifice to get here. So I very much agree with earlier sentiments that the attitudes and behaviors are a result of the parents.


They still have tablets and electronics, sure, but their use of such things pales in comparison to everything else which fills their days.

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There's a lot to be said about grass stained knees on your jeans.  Bug bites and, phew, smelling like a fish from having spent the last hour in the fish house cleaning fish.

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At 7-years old, mom bought me a skateboard for my birthday because my (then) best friend had one. I think she paid $7 for it at Woolworth's. It took about 6-years to get good enough as to get compliments from people I didn't know. Lord knows I didn't get any from my narcissistic mother. All she wanted to hear from people was how great her children were and that she was the reason for it.


But skateboarding got me where she wanted me to be; out of the house.


I not only learned how to ride, it got my body in really good shape. Just not body-builder material. In high school during gym class, it stepped into the weight room for the first and only time. With me being 5' 6" and only 117lbs, I foot pressed 780lbs. One of the coaches saw it but I told him I was under contract to ride for Coca-Cola (and I was). After meeting my girlfriend's older (and hotter) sister, she later said to my girlfriend  "He's got a butt!!!!" 😂😂😂 


But riding also taught me a few other things.  How to quickly read the terrain I was riding (sidewalk cracks), be aware of all of my surroundings and to get maps from the back of the phone books. It wasn't uncommon to wind up 25-miles from home on a jaunt. And then make if home in time for dinner. Riding also proved to me I didn't need alcohol or and other drugs. Riding got be high enough.

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On 7/29/2021 at 9:32 AM, Shiva said:

How some bigger kids have fun in Laguna Beach, Cal. A trickle turns into a river.


- in a few days , the ocean will  pump the sand right back where it was   --layer by layer

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Well, I am almost 60 years young and have two teenagers , my son is 13 and my daughter 17 years old. They have owned and used digital media since they were 10 years old. I realize that the young people today live in parallel worlds, the use of digital media not only determines their everyday lives, much worse my children have become dependent on these media like an alcoholic who is not viable without his alcohol. Recently, my daughter's smartphone broke, she was totally irritated and nervous. She calmed down only when we got a new smartphone the same day and that had to be an Apple smartphone, standard like the tablet & laptop. Status symbols have become. My son can build his own computers, program servers, etc.etc. at the age of 13. I hope he will at least find a well-paid job in the IT industry. Both hardly do any sports, are getting fatter and fatter. We, my wife and I, are pretty much powerless. The children also have no interest in joint activities or excursions, unless the virtual trips. I think that in coming generations this development, with increasing worldwide digitalization, makes the biologically natural human to the human second class, the "hybrid human "of flesh and blood and implanted chips in the body will be superior to the biologically natural human in all areas.

We are on the way to the cyborg age.....





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I guess that's the reality with the children these days. Really hope i can do something to avoid my child to be so ignorant. At the moment she doesn't care much about phones... just sent my iphone for a little swim in the bath))) Checking those water cleaner app for the first time in my life.

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