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Power for rp-280f

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Hello everybody. I'm brand new here and just recently bought the rp 280's, and I know they're extremely efficient. 98db is amazing and I want to build around these speakers. The only issue I'm having is what amp to get.  I'm looking at a tube amp kit (elekit-8200r) which claims 8 watts per channel. Is this going to be sufficient power for these guys or should I look to a different amp? My other consideration is a 20 watt class A from schiit audio. I'm hoping the 8200r will work though. Any help with this would be excellent! Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the forum.


As asked in many other threads.


How large is your room?

How far is your main listening position?

What volumes do you listen to?


Before the exacts are known, the RP-280F are very efficient and do not "need" a super high current amp to drive them, so both of your choices appear to be okay.


With that said, a quality 80w/ch SS amp should thump those 8" woofers.



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The room I'll be using them in is roughly 12' x14'. I'll be placing them  8' from me. These aren't going to be used for home theater, so strictly for  music only. I like to have the ability to get them a bit loud but not as intense as I did when I was younger. I know this is objective but I just won't be listening to it extremely loud. I listen to mostly classic rock and 90's grunge rock. 

Thanks so much

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I don't own the 280f's but I do have a pair of 260f's with 6.5 inch woofers instead of the 8 inch ones you have. The new Klipsch RP's to me are a very different animal from the older ones. I actually like the older models better because the newer ones have a different sound from the tweeters, a more refined but less raw in your face sound and I just got used to the old Klipsch tweeters I guess. I'd call them a more "polite" tweeter that won't offend the ears of most listeners. You'll be more than OK with most any amp to drive them. Mine are doing home theater duty driven by an Onkyo A/V receiver with 125 watts per channel. They sure don't need that much but sound OK with the sub I'm using. The 280's probably don't need a sub at all. Best of luck and happy listening.


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