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Original AR-11 crossover rebuild

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Hello KAC Folks,

My first speaker purchase in the 70's was the AR-11, not long after I discovered the LaScala. I've loved both pairs ever since.

Recently I've embarked on my first crossover rebuild... I have a bit of soldering experience and used a meter to test speakers when I rebuilt four salvaged LaScalas. (loved the pre-fab crossovers from Bob Crites, RIP)

I'm more of a woodworker and have the cabinets already looking like new. I was told I would probably need to replace some (or all) of the capacitors and these are the assumed current component ratings (I see five capacitors so I'm not sure about this list - a later AR-11 version? -some in parallel?): 

One 10uF
One 40uF
One 50uF
One 72uF

I do see these numbers on a schematic I found online.

I'm hoping to get some advice on how to check the status of these parts and how to proceed. Photo attached. 

Also, included a photo of the plugs I cut to fill the screw holes... had 'em up on steel brackets with some added fastener security... living here in earthquake country!

Thanks for any help,









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