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WANTED: 25ft. RCA Male-Male Cable for Subwoofer

Peter P.

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Before I order a new cable, I thought I'd ask here.


I need a 25ft. RCA male-male cable for the amp subwoofer output to subwoofer LFE input. If you have something longer, feel free to let me know. I'll answer all replies.


I don't need the high end stuff, but post here or PM me with anything you might want to turn into cash.

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It's Monoprice for the win! Thanks for the suggestion, and for the other offers. I had been looking around and only saw exotic cables at astronomical prices.


I bought the Monoprice premium RG-6 cable, trusting that it will have adequate shielding against hum pick up.


I also bought the cheapo version because of the silly, $3 price, and the slender diameter cable will fit better in my cable management strip. For three bucks, I'll try this cable first and if it does the job without hum, I'll be happy. Otherwise, it's only $3 lost.

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