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Calling the Cajon folks


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My wife and I are thinking about purchasing a Cajon for the church we serve at. She is the pianist/keyboardist, our oldest plays guitar. I can carry a beat, but probably not good enough to play drums. In the absence of a true drummer/Cajonist, I am thinking I can play a Cajon well enough to provide a rhythm. But, I am a total noob. 


So, if you are familiar with these, based on my level of knowledge and the usage for this instrument, what would you suggest to purchase?


This model keeps popping up on my browser searches, but I'd probably deal with a local guitar center or music store rather than Amazon.


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@001 His is one of the youtube video's I have watched at least part of. That is the one that keeps showing up. I posed this question in another group and it had one Cajon player who did not suggest the front port. Otherwise, this seems to be a very niche instrument. I just need to go and play around with them. 

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I hope you find the information that you're looking for @foxman ... I play guitar, which you can make the argument that the guitar is both a string and percussion instrument; but that is beside the point of your post. 

I'm sure you're church family will appreciate any sound that you make during a worship service. 

God Bless You my friend. 


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