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No Longer Looking for iPhone 11


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They can release it. Can be a pain sometimes. Our company gets phone through a state contract with Verizon. Contract is only for 1 year and they aren't locked. We rarely do iPhones, though, unless someone way up the food chain swings their weight and insists. We've had trouble with simeone leaving on bad terms and with the Apple ID the way it is we can't get them unlocked. I just had to order an iPhone 11, 128G, last week, I think was $199. Right now we are getting Samsung GS20 FE G phones for free. 5g, 128Gig. Nice phones


On all the Android phones I add a second google account that we only use if we reset a phone and it asks for an account previously used on the phone. We've only had to use it a couple of times. 

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Thanks for your responses dudes.

Carl, I've been doing well. I hope the same for you and your family. Real busy these days with work, which is not a complaint. 


Michael and Jerry, my wife found a source for one, our cell phone provider. That never occurred to me! They have decent prices on new 11's. I'll reach out if this doesn't or can't happen. Jerry, I think our provider uses ATT so that should be compatible if we cross that bridge. I'm not asking either of you to hold them for me. If you find a way to sell, go for it. 

I'll mark this post as 'no longer looking'.

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