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Forte IV and PrimLuna Dialogue HP


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I recently acquired a pair of cherry Heresy iii. A coworker relocated to Florida and said he didn’t have room for them. He sold them for an eighth of what they’re worth. Wasn’t even in the market. I just couldn’t pass the deal.  They sat for few weeks then I finally played them I was super impressed by what I heard. That got me thinking it was time to upgrade my current setup. So I sold my RF-7ii (it was a sad day. I loved those speakers). I demoed the Forte III and IV side by side. There was a LaScala demo too. But that was just to say I’d heard them in person. The demos were done with a McIntosh MA352. I was super impressed by both. I ultimately decided on the Forte IV. I’m no expert on speakers. So I don’t have any technical jargon. But the reworked midrange is definitely noticeable in a side by side demo. As much as I loved my RF7 and as good as I felt they sound. The Forte’s are just better. My PrimaLima brings them to life. As you can see from the pic. I built some stands to get them up off the floor and some vibration isolators from Amazon.  I don’t have any questions. Kinda new around here and just wanted to share my journey. 


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31 minutes ago, Dave1291 said:

I'm at he bottom of the Primaluna food chain but stepping up  soon to the EVO 400, which will be paired w/my LS. Just about ready to make the call.  :)


Welcome to the Forum and sit HARD on that gold card!  lol



You should love the evo 400. in the mornings I listen at very low volumes and the dynamic range is amazing. In the afternoon and evenings I crank the system fairly loud and it feels like the artists are right there in my living room. I have done some tube rolling with some KT150s and WOW!!!!!!. I totally love the setup with the Forte IVs and the deep and wide soundstage they create with the EVO 400.


Good luck with your Primaluna EVO!

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1 minute ago, Dave1291 said:

@Fido  Oh I'm sure you're spot on w/the sound quality.  Btw, that pair of Heresy sound great w/those new bottoms.  Thanks again for those.  That EVO has to be killer so just gonna make the call.  Got a Dentist in my wallet right now.  hahaha  :)  

Glad you are enjoying the those woofers! Awesome!

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