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PC (browser) question....how to turn off sounds?


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Home PC.  I use a satellite for my internet connection.  Not sure of the details, but they have a browser (based on Google's Chrome I think) where they streamlined it a bit to not hog bandwidth.


NONE of the above may be accurate, it's just what's in my head.


None the less....  so I sit at desk, I turn some music on via my Promedia's....  (have home pc and work pc side by side)


working on work pc, go to home pc adjacent to it to do something....  (like this perhaps??!! :emotion-19:)  Go do a news check and maybe click on a story.


Suddenly there is a small window relative to the news story automatically opening in a smaller window (inside the browser) and some snappy music starts to play which either:


1.  Totally gets in the way of what I might be listening to already

2.  If I am NOT listening to something, but perhaps actually working and on the phone, all the sudden the sound starts blaring


I never ever want this and find it annoying in all cases.


Anyone know how I can terminate it?  There has to be a switch in there somewhere but thus far, I can't find it.  I've learned to deal with it in general, but.....every now & then I slip up.....  and blammo!!!  it busts my chops.  :emotion-45:



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@Coytee... it seems like a pop up, and or pop up add window. Google to see how to distable pop ups in that browser. Hard to disable adds, but again you can Google how to limit or disable them in that particular browser. Pop ups are very annoying!  There are add blockers that you can get, either as an add in to most browsers or a physical one based on the mini Raspberry computer platform. Good luck.

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Install Firefox
You can control all the pop ups , windows as turned into a advertising company with its browser as well as google. Dump that crap
You will have to watch some videos or read up on settings of all that. But it’s worth the time

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@CoyteeHave you looked into getting Starlink where you are?  It's hella better than Viasat and Hughes by leaps and bounds.  $99 a month and unlimited data an the latency is 40ms or less in most markets.  I can get it at my house but I've been using two AT&T tablet data plans for the last couple of years with some "magic" done to the modems and run our whole house on 1 line and my sons PS4 on the other.  I think average use is about 500 to 800gb a month and I pay about $40 at most for both lines.  I may be switching to Starlink soon as the speeds will be more stable where as LTE can change throughout the day.


Off topic but just a thought...

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We had the choice of two different providers with gig fiber to the house. The price was the same for both. Download speed is the same as upload. My vpn connection to work is a fast as sitting at my desk in the office.


If you didn't live out in the middle of nowhere, you could do that too. 😉

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1 hour ago, Marvel said:

If you didn't live out in the middle of nowhere




I'm not sure that work would appreciate me driving in on top of my industrial backhoe/loader.....  though it would guarantee I could always get any parking spot I wanted.....  I could move them or lift them and roll them over.  :ph34r:


(not that this has EVER crossed my mind, I'm speaking for a friend who once mentioned it)



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The Chromium I use used to allow to not let videos start up automatically, you had to initiate it. I get them now sometimes if related to the content.


Start with https://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.htm to stop ads without using your pc resources. Then initiate using your choice for the DNS provider not your ISPs. Look up OpenDNS and or (Cloudflare) If you log in to opendns (it's free) you can have a choice of hundreds of specific content items that will just not show up on your pc ever again. That might hog some resources if you choose a lot, but you might be able to find the specific thing you want to block. I switched to last year because it's a bit faster and I just choose the known malware block.

If you were ever at Wilderssecurityforums or nodpi you could have learned a lot about these issues so I'll be concise now.

It's like protecting yourself from the bitter cold and layering works better. A layered security/anti-malware defense works better and those bothersome things could be considered malware.

Good luck!

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simple for me ... I just take out my hearing aids.  I wouldn't even hear the smoke alarm if it went off in the middle of the night. every once in a while, I'll go to the store without my hearing aids, it is SO weird seeing cars driving through the parking lot, people in the store -- yet I don't hear a sound.  Of course those are the times that the cashier wants to chat and all I can do is smile and say "I can't hear."

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