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La Scala 1 builds


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22 hours ago, Marvel said:

Those are looking super. Wanted to remind you, as I can't tell from the pics. Looking at this one, if your t-nuts aren't pushed in from this side, your woofers will fall off the baffle (unless you made a double layer to hold the nuts in place).




Thank you for your advice @Marvel.  Backs are removable and woofers are waiting to be installed.  I countersunk the 2 t-nuts before I installed the upper and lower angled diverters.  The remaining t-nuts will be face attached on the baffle.  Should have, barely, enough access to all 8 machine screws inside the doghouse.     

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Woofers mounted.   Used 10-32 T-nuts and 10-32 NF 1 1/4 Truss machine screws.  @djkthank you so much for this real world advise on using 10-32 in lieu of 1/4.  Started using my vintage 1884 Hay Trolley to raise and lower each cabinet.  Not sure what they weigh but they exceed my lifting capacity.




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DJK had a wealth of knowledge, may he rest in peace. He is sorely missed.


The basic first gen LaScala runs right about 125 pounds. I never got mine off the ground!😆


They are looking nice.

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Awesome build!

You really have thought over the details, I always admire that in DIY projects beeing build.

Adding braces during the build is another great advantage I know from experience.

Will be a joy to listen to (and to look at.) 👍

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  • 2 weeks later...

The end of the build and the beginning of the enjoyment.  Challenging builds for sure, veneered plywood was not friendly.  Looking at Super Heresy's for the next builds, Hehe! might have to get with @MookieStlon these.  Just wanted to say thanks for all of the encouragement and words of wisdom.  Handles being an awesome suggestion.

On 5/5/2022 at 1:48 PM, Marvel said:

DJK had a wealth of knowledge, may he rest in peace. He is sorely missed.


Sadly, I did not know this.  I agree 100% as his advice helped me.

On 5/9/2022 at 4:10 PM, DirtyErnie said:

Have they spoken yet?

Oh yes!  See the EQ pic of some listening adjustments.  At testing, at less than 50 watts my tinnitus is getting fired up.






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10 minutes ago, richieb said:

Not to pry, only from pure curiosity, do you have a cost on materials ?

Total costs were about $3,400.  Labor was free but spanned almost 12 months.


@Shakeydealyes you are correct.  Looking at a Mcintosh mc275 but I may not make Santa's nice list this year.

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6 hours ago, DirtyErnie said:

Maybe I missed it somewhere along the thread, but why have you built four of these?

Great work, hope you enjoy them!


Two for my son's wedding present and two for me.


6 hours ago, 001 said:

Doc  , Question where did you get the badge

A friend lasered them.  Brass badges and brass screws for the handles.  Only flash allowed.


And with the few leftovers that there were I made outdoor bases.








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