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PRV D260My-B

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I recently bought a pair of these compression drivers and have been experimenting with them on an Eminence APT200 horn. I moved recently and don't have all my equipment set-up, but just from listening they seem to be a good candidate for Klipsch Heritage speakers. I have them sitting on top of my LaScala's with the K77 disconnected. 


They look to have inherited some JBL technology in the phase plug area. 


Has anybody else heard or played around with these?


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Thanks for mentioning...another driver I missed somehow.  So, the 2/3-bolt PRV is used with the APT200 tweeter horn and the little horn reaches low enough so far?  Any shaping or level-matching tweaking yet or just sort of lashed-up for an initial trial? 

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The spec sheet says for "full power handling", 1200Hz, 12dB/octave is recommended, so basically, you could cross this driver over just about anywhere you needed to match the mid-range driver. There is a lot of versatility with this driver. The D260my-B comes with a 2/3 bolt to 1" adapter. It is also a ring radiator, which some people may not be a fan of, but I think it sounds outstanding. I have not heard the B&C DE120, but the 260My-B is the most natural compression driver "tweeter" I have heard. It sounds like a nice dome tweeter, but compression based. Your horn selection will also affect the sound, but the APT200 has a good reputation for tweeter applications. 


Price does not usually sway me, but I believe the old saying "you get what you pay for", however, there are exceptions and you can find less expensive alternatives in most cases. Plus, half the fun is seeing what is out there and trying it, especially when it comes to audio. I also recently bought some Selenium ST200 tweeters and for $19.99 they are unbelievable. Almost (i am guessing because I've never heard them) like a T-350, but better. The ST200 has the same tonal character as the K77, because it is phenolic too, but more power and wider frequency response so you can cross it over lower (if needed). It blows away the K77 for power handling, if you need that too. 


No shaping per say on the 260My-B, just connected to the same tap as the K77 on the crossover (universal Heritage type that you can find here on the forum). 

PRV-Audio-D260My-B Image.jpg

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