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Heresy Decorator pair, Durham NC 650.00


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They are sold.  The seller bought them from the original owner a few weeks ago.  He listened to them, but did not love them, and put them up for sale or trade.  I contacted the seller on a lark because I had a trip scheduled to Durham in two weeks.  I had a streaming DAC / amp  that he was interested in.  He didn’t want to wait, but was willing to meet me half way.  We’re both happy with the way it worked out.


I haven’t disassembled them yet to see what’s going on.  They were serviced (or at least inspected) when the new binding posts were installed.  Sequential serial numbers, original paperwork, etc.  More importantly, they sound great.  I’m going to have to think about whether to give these the Claude J Super Heresy treatment or not.  Since they have no grilles, the original drivers are part of the look.

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