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In theory you could use the pre-outs.  Either L or both L/R to use the on-board amplifier on the sub.  I can't promise it'll sound all that great though since I don't know enough about how the H/K handles that and if your Klipsch Sub has a high cut to filter out the upper frequencies.

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9 hours ago, Fast996 said:

You have connections for 4 speakers....why not. If it is a active sub use the output L&R

s-l1600 (1).jpg

May not work that way, just saying as I have tried it with similar set ups and the receiver couldn't handle it. 


Since you have pre outs one way would be to get an amp for the mains and a minidsp to split the signal.  (the way I would go)


Another way if your sub has HI in you can run your speaker wire from channel A of the receiver into the HI in of the sub amp, then run speaker wire from the HI out of the sub amp to each speaker.. Doing this would split the signal between the sub and mains.  However, if memory serves correctly, you are relying on the power of the sub amp to power both the sub and mains. 

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Spl 12? 120?

Looks like no speaker level inputs so pre out to line level inputs (RCA). Pre outs should be controlled by the volume on the receiver then just use LP filter and Gain controls on the sub. Of course you will have no control of the delay(distance) between the sub and your main speakers. Also the sub and mains will both be reproducing some of the low freq sound. Perfect? No but it will work.

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