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Internet providers where no service


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1 hour ago, JL Sargent said:

That Starlink is the hot up and coming at $100 a month. Should be really good too when all the sats are up.


 they bill you gear  on top  ,,,,,   great technology   mind you , going with a cell phone unlimited ---no gear to pay on top of the service --and cell phones have 5G

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$99 / month // $499 / hardware according to their website, my address. 

My area targeted for late this year. Living in the country we use a company offering satellite internet which for our use works damn near as well as the city fiber we had. Current is $55 / month. 

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I'm not sure of all the choices.  We got Samsung.  My wife had an iphone a while back and it was so completely worthless we will never get an apple product.  Putting a little down gets you "upgrades" but the A71 5G works fine for us.  If you have been with them you probably are eligible for a newer phone.

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I have done a lot of reading about Starlink and the big issue now is line of sight with the current number of satellites.  Apparently you need a clear line of sight fairly low to the south and even a few trees can kill the signal. My rural place in NC really needs decent service, even cell service is very poor. With the current tree issue Starlink is out for us living in the woods.

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22 hours ago, tigerwoodKhorns said:

Does anyone here have experience with obtaining internet service where there is no provder? 


Satellite, cell phone? 


40 mb up and 10 mb down is preferred as a baseline.



I've been using 4G LTE via AT&T "tablet plans" now for almost 2 years in the new house we built.  I'm in a neighborhood that was wired 17 years ago but the neighborhood never took off back then (long story) but is starting to again now.  It was initially wired with cable and AT&T BUT neither company will service the old in ground cable.  The cable company said they could trench me a line to the closest hub for $12,000 but couldn't guarantee anything above 25mb.  I passed.  Today, I'm getting in a T-Mobile Home Internet modem to check out and see how well it works at my house and then will try at some neighbors house to give them some options that won't require ME to be their "Tech Support" and maybe a different option for my in-laws other than that crappy Viasat service.  I have 2 AT&T "unlimited tablet plans" tied to my AT&T bill and I use a separate LTE modem on each line to balance between my sons PS4 gaming (only) and then the rest of the house, which is wired in every room with Cat6 and I have an Access Point in the attic.  Basically, about 40 devices counting the smart plugs, switches, etc.  I stopped paying for satellite since we rarely watch TV.  I mainly stream music via Spotify and Amazon Music HD and my son watches HBOMax.  His line uses about 500GB a month and the "rest of the house like" uses 200 to 400GB and has been for almost 2 years now.  My speeds are typically higher in the morning, a little slower in the afternoon, and a little less late evening but not awful.  Morning gets between 100 to 150mb down and 10mb up, 60 to 90mb down in afternoons, and maybe 40 to 60 later.  My ping (latency) is typically from 28 to 40ms, which is good.  That's just how LTE works.  It can never be as good as a direct wired connection.  And, as mentioned above, Starlink will be great when the satellites get into their right positions and there are more of them.  I might do it just because it wouldn't be strict NAT for gaming.....but it's $99 a month.


I currently pay $30 plus tax for 2 lines an that's it.


So before going into some big speech on how it can be done, the process, etc., who is your cell provider currently?  What city/state are you located in?  (you can PM me if you'd rather)  It's all about where the towers are and who picks up the best.  You have some upfront costs an there is some really good stuff out there....and really crappy (MoFi 4500, for instance).


If interested, let me know.  I'm not a seller or anything....I just know how it works for the most part an am glad to help out in anyway I can.  I know what it's like to be just far enough away to get anything (fiber is 1/2 mile from me)  I'm a city network administrator by trade so I need decent connection to remote in to work on basic stuff to save me the 2 mile drive to the office late at night.  haha

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