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Could This Be the World's Worst Cover Song?


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Some of the greatest songs ever sung are covers, the singer or band outstripping the original recording.  However, like everything in music, it's a double-edged sword. All too often covers suck. The band, or singer, has run out of original material but needs to put out an album, so scrape up some tunes and record them. Often, it something by The Beatles, so from simply awful to execrable. Think Peggy Lee trying to attract a younger crowd.


However, this one has to take the cake. The talented Brian Ferry of Roxy Music fame, covering, and I'm not making this up, "Amazing Grace".


I'm attaching a link so you can see for yourself , but I advise listening to it with your hands over your ears.


So anybody else got a world class stinker of a cover song?




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