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Aric Audio Super 88/150 SE SOLD!


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This is a Super 88/150 SE amplifier in excellent condition. The original owner bought it for a system that never materialized and put about 10 hours on it, I bought it from him. It will come with a set of JJ KT88s, Tung Sol 6SN7s, and a pair of Valve Art EL34s. Power output varies from 8 to 22 watts depending on tube used and mode of operation. This amplifier belies it's power rating by sounding big and bold. Below is an excerpt from Aric's website.

"Super KT88 150 SE amplifier is an incredible platform for the "take no prisoners" audiophile seeking the level of musicality and texture that a true SET amplifier can deliver- while provided power reserves that most SET's are not capable of. The parts used are maximized for rich dynamics, ultra-low distortion and full-bodied harmonic content while retaining a "dead black" background between musical passages. A hybrid electrolytic/film-capacitor power supply section, Hybrid tube/SS rectifier section, 6SN7 or 6SL7 driver stage, and Audyn "True Copper" coupling capacitors all wired using point to point architecture allow this unit fine attention to musical detail with "bloom" and "meat on the bones" that typically are not met with this type of power reserve or flexibility. This amplifier can use EL34, KT88, KT120 and KT150 tubes, as well as Triode-strapped (closest to a true SET sound), or Ultra-Linear mode (which effectively nearly doubles the power and tightens bass while extending frequency response). This amplifier provides a large and wide sound-stage that is accurate yet blooms with rich harmonics. It's essentially 2 amplifiers in one and can use any of 4 power tubes."

I have the original box and packing material. Please contact me with any questions. Asking 2200.00 OBO


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19 minutes ago, Shakeydeal said:


I know you'd like to have this amp to go with your preamp........😃


Can I ask what amp you've moved on to? Didn't this amp replace your Carver 275? I just purchased a Carver 275 last night partly based on your positive reviews just curious which direction you're heading in.. Great price by the way on this amp good luck on your sale!

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I replaced the Carver with a Music Reference RM9. From there it was a VRD stereo amp. Then I bought the Aric. All very good amps. The Aric was my favorite. That Carver is a fine amp too. I just don't tend to stay in one place for very long.


I just bought an Allnic T-2000 integrated amp. It was really a stretch, but I took a chance and I like it very much.





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  • Shakeydeal changed the title to Aric Audio Super 88/150 SE SOLD!

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