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How to connect dual R-115SW subs to Emotiva RMC-1


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I'm considering upgrading my current Denon 4500x receiver to the Emotiva RMC-1, but I'm not sure how to hook up the subs because the Emotiva only has XLR outs, while the subs only have LFE/RCA inputs. One thing to note that because the location of my components are in the utility room, I've had to run 2 x 70 ft RCA cables next to each other to reach the subs in their current location. Also I've heard that I can get an XLR splitter to connect the 2 subs that way to the RMC-1. So even with the splitter, I'm still stuck with what to do about the cables.


A.) Do I get 2 x 70 ft XLR cables to run through my walls and then get a small RCA -> XLR adapter to connect the sub?

B.) Keep the current RCA cables in wall, and get a small RCA to XLR adapter to connect in the utility room

C.) Sell subs and upgrade to SVS - (most expensive and hardest to try and get the wife on board with lol).

D.) Another option I'm not aware of?


Additionally, what sound am I'm compromising by not having a true XLR connection?


Thanks for any help or ideas!

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If both pin 2 and 3 of an XLR output have signal I would not recommend grounding one of them at the RCA end of a cable or an adapter. Much better to use an input isolation transformer at the RCA input. If it is just an impedance balanced output it would be OK to ground the XLR pin that has no signal, usually pin 3.

An oscilloscope is needed to determine if both pins have signal or perhaps you could call Emotiva Support or Customer Service?

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