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Dave A's SMAHL V2™ compared to Crites CT120 tweeters?


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Has anyone compared Dave’s A's SMAHL V2™ or any of Dave’s tweeters to Crites CT120 and if so how did they compare? 


I thought I’d read here using the search function that some at a gathering compared one of Dave’s tweeters to Crites a few years ago, but I can’t find it again. I don’t remember which model of Dave’s tweeters it was then, but I think it was Crites CT120. I’m curious, because they use the same drivers, but different horns though they are closely the same size, but different materials.

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I cannot help to answer your question, just an idea how I often find old threads. Try to use google and reduce the search results to the Klipsch forum in the search engine setting.

It is very fruitful to search with google on the Klipsch Forum pages. This is how it works. You type the term "site:" with the colon in front of the homepage.

Then leave a space and type in your search term. E.g. like this:


site:community.klipsch.com crites ct120


or e.g.


site:community.klipsch.com K55V


Then you can enter additional search filters on google, e.g. the time period, which is sometimes very helpful.
This way you will find literally everything that has ever been written in the Klipsch forum.

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I have La Scala 2s and compared the B&C DE120 tweeter on both the CT120 and dave's MAHL lenses running through the original crossover.  These are dave's "slightly larger than the small-MAHL" lenses he makes for the LS2 motor board.  My opinions:  the MAHL lenses are a couple DB hotter on-axis; the MAHLs sound cleaner to me than the plastic CT120s; the MAHLs have better dispersion than the CT120's.  I've been running the MAHLs now for over a year and sold the CT120 lenses.

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