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Favorite Acoustic Guitar LP-s


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1 hour ago, nickyboy6100 said:

Neil Young- Harvest Moon. The entire album is just excellent. 

The Stray Gators
Additional personnel
  • Larry Cragg – backing vocals on "War of Man"
  • Nicolette Larson – backing vocals on "You and Me", "War of Man", "Such a Woman", "Old King", "Dreamin' Man" and "Natural Beauty"
  • Linda Ronstadt – backing vocals on "Unknown Legend", "From Hank to Hendrix", "Harvest Moon", "War of Man" and "One of These Days"
  • James Taylor – backing vocals on "From Hank to Hendrix", "War of Man" and "One of These Days"
  • Astrid Young – backing vocals on "War of Man", "Such a Woman" and "Dreamin' Man"
  • Jack Nitzschestring arrangement on "Such a Woman"
  • Suzie Katayama – conductor on "Such a Woman"
  • Maria Newmanconcertmaster on "Such a Woman"
  • Maria Newman, Israel Baker, Betty Byers, Berg Garabedian, Harris Goldman, Robin Lorentz, Cindy McGurty, Haim Shtrum – violins on "Such a Woman"
  • Valerie Dimond, Matt Funes, Rick Gerding, Carrie Prescott, David Stenske, Adriana Zoppo – violas on "Such a Woman"
  • Larry Corbett, Ericka Duke, Greg Gottlieb, David Shamban – cellos on "Such a Woman"


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