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2 hours ago, Edgar said:


Bailey Quarters


The references to Mary Ann and Bailey Quarters seem to veer slightly away from Steve’s @BigStewMan original question regarding favorite fictional character to favorite portrayal of a female fictional character.  


With that modification, my favorite portrayal of a fictional female character is Julie Christie as Lara Antipova,



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On 9/13/2021 at 10:16 AM, babadono said:

Doc Martin

you are one the sharpest dudes on the forum.  I LOVE Doc Martin and have seen the first nine seasons more than once. Looking forward to the 10th and final season that should start airing this fall. 

I actually communicated with itv over in the UK and begged them to make another season after rumors were that season nine would be it.  Not saying that my letter was the deciding factor; but they're doing "one more" season, so draw your own conclusions. 

My favorite character on that show is PC Joe Penhale. But, so many great characters on that show ... Bert Large is epic.

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