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McCormack huh?


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It kind of surprised me recently when three separate salespeople at two different audio/HT stores - all of whom have been in the business for years - had never heard of the McCormack brand.  I recently re-acquired a DNA-1 Deluxe to power my mains, with the HT-1 taking care of the center and surrounds.  Very accurate, sweet-sounding watts feeding the Fortes.  (The QSC professional amp powers my two home-built subs).

IMG_5433 (Custom).jpg

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18 hours ago, RandyH said:

One cant help but  think of McIntosh when you hear the McCormack Brand , a bit like if someone started a McCormack Restaurant  , one would think of McDonalds -

I hear the name in my head; the "Mac" in McIntosh sounds so different from the lack of a vowel sound in "McCormack", it doesn't have the same affect with me.

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On 9/15/2021 at 5:13 PM, RandyH said:


The Quality build was very good at the time , this was a mid- high end amplifier ,  you do not see a lot of these units  being advertised for sale , and the brand was retired so examples must Be rare  - 

They were pretty ubiquitous on the used market back in the late 90's and early 2000's, and they pop up on ebay and usaudiomart.com pretty consistently; not very many make their way to audiogon any more.
Also, their asking price has remained consistent the past 20-plus years, and has in fact gone a little higher since everything went haywire a year and a half ago.  The ask on the DNA-1 Deluxe was over $1000, but I was lucky enough to score it for about $200 less.

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